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Society is Wrong about a Great Many Things!

An Honest Critique of Modern (American) Society By Travis Patriot       

(Last Published 16 June 2003)


Warning!  All those who do not desire to discover the truth may need to censor themselves now by not reading any further.  Because if you venture further, you may read something that causes you to rethink or even change your mind on any of several controversial subjects!  That something may be a small nugget of information in the form of Logic, Reasoning or Common Sense!


After studying modern (American) society & its problems, I have concluded that American Society has traded her Liberties for Security & is Wrong about a Great Many Things to include:



The Drinking Age

If we are willing to send an 18 year old American to fight - then that 18 year old American should be afforded equal rights!  ALL of the Rights to include drinking a beer!


Besides, isnt it hypocritical & morally wrong to give an 18 year old a fully automatic weapon & send him into harms way, possibly endangering others & him as well by putting this young, inexperienced guy into a very complex & stressful job?  And very often the job needs experienced police officers (like peace keeping for example).


Also, isnt it wrong for us to endanger others while we keep ourselves safe by not allowing 18 year olds to drink?  And isnt it wrong of us to deny these 18 year olds the same & equal rights as All Americans since we are asking them to defend our principles & they may possibly pay the ultimate price by loosing their lives in doing so?


To the young American who knows that he or she is old enough to be called to defend the Constitution, it is a violation of his or her Constitutional rights to not allow him or her the same equal rights that all other Americans are entitled to!  The State is violating the Constitutional rights of young Americans by denying them equal rights under the law as far as I am concerned!


Seat Belt Laws (MANDATORY)

So, apparently there are several States that have these laws to save us from ourselves or tax us if we disobey.


What if you or a family member were to burn to death or drown because you or they couldnt get out of the car due to the seatbelt & the mandatory seat belt law?  What if you get car jacked & try to escape but forget to or simply cant get the belt unbuckled?


What if your family member would have lived had they been thrown clear of the accident but werent because of the mandatory law?  Shouldnt you as a Free American & the owner of your body, be able to make such decisions for yourself?


I wear my seat belt because I have been in accidents & unfortunately tested the seat belt out each time.  So I am a proponent of using seat belts but not of the government denying Adult Americans the rights to choose & even taxing them through tickets for non compliance!  Profiting from our failure to obey in order to protect us from ourselves or save tax dollars!


The job of the government is to protect life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness!  To leave us alone as long as we dont violate the rights of others!  We are not the property of the government & the government does not grant us our rights as if it is our ruling king.  King George III thinks so but I dont!


Protecting our lives does not mean denying our right to make such life & death decisions ourselves!  Do you want the government making life & death decisions for you?  I dont!


Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Whose property is your body?  Is you body the governments property & therefore the governments responsibility to protect you from yourself.  Or, is your body is YOUR property & therefore NOT the governments responsibility to protect you from yourself? 


Our Founding Fathers fought a Revolution over this very question! (Property)


If you believe that the government must protect us - not only from foreign enemies but from ourselves - then you believe in Communism or Socialism Not the Constitution & the principles that our Nation was founded upon!


If you believe in free federal medical aid for everyone & that the government should save tax money by preventing injuries & incurring future medical expenses by mandating motorcycle helmet laws, then you are a Socialist & you probably dont even realize it!


Socialism does not work!  Personal Freedom & responsibility does work.  People will only learn to do for themselves if they must!  Otherwise, government will get bigger & more controlling as big brother becomes our Socialistic Father & KEEPER!


Condoms & Sex Education rather than promoting sex among teens, studies show that teens shy away from sex actually decreasing teens interest in sex!  Moreover, abstinence only is a practice that is not in the best interest of the child because sending ones child to public school without any education on prevention is like sending Daniel to the Lions den unarmed!


In the military, as a young man, I was educated by the federal government about sex education in order to empower me to protect myself from diseases.  Without that knowledge, I would have been nearly defenseless!


Knowledge is power the informed are able to problem solve & make the right decisions when they are armed with knowledge.  Sending a child to public school without the necessary information to protect him/herself is like sending Daniel to the Lions den without any weapons at all!  Just say No to the lions Daniel!  I dont think that the lions will take no for an answer.


Video games & Children rather than being obviously bad studies are showing that video game players have far better hand & eye coordination & other skills over non-video game players!  This clean habit also may keep kids away from drugs & other things that are worse for them while improving their Skills.


However, it cant be good for a child to grow up practicing killing with video games that are realistic!  But the job of the parent is to make such decisions for their child (censoring their own children) rather than letting them be raised by violent video games.


Maybe the problem with the youth today isnt the video games but the lack of parental supervision since It takes a Village to raise a child when both parents must work to support the family & big government!  It used to be that one parent worked while the other stayed home & raised the children but now the government is so big that it takes of the familys income to support it!


That means that one parent is working to support the big fat dependent called government!  A dependent that gets bigger, requires more money to function, solves little, & then forces you to pay it at the point of a gun if necessary!


(Government is funded by taxes - Did You Know that the federal income tax didnt even exist for the first half of this nations existence?)


It takes a village to raise a child when of the Family Income goes to fund BIG-GOVERNMENT! T-Shirt available at the link below.



Or the problem with children could be that they are violent due to the violence introduced into society as a result of drug prohibition.  Not only does drug prohibition fill our schools with drugs but violence as well.  Violence both in & out of school.


Drug Prohibition (Un-Winnable federal War on Drugs)

The obvious answer is not always the correct one.  (Approx. 70% of crime is drug related Prohibition related in reality)

(2 million Americans incarcerated more than Russia & China)


Since the beginning of civilization, humans have found a need to alter their states of consciousness.  Humans have used many different things but these things always become more of a problem to society when governments try to prohibit them in an attempt to control the actions of consenting adults!


The urge or need for adults to alter their states of consciousness or get HIGH is evident in human beings.  Some alter their states of consciousness with drugs, alcohol, meditation & even religion!  Religious fanatics for example, are blinded by religion from seeing & hearing Logic, Reasoning & Common Sense arguments because they are high on religion.


They are intoxicated by their beliefs & can not be reasoned with because they have faith.  Faith or Blind obedience to an un-provable theory is a dangerous thing however, when the un-provable beliefs are forced on others as with the case of legislating morality & religious motivated terrorism by the true believers.


Americans who think that their bodies are the property of the government should have little or no problem with drug prohibition but those Americans who understand the Constitution & KNOW that their bodies are private property & NOT government property should have serious problems with drug prohibition!


The KIDS have all the BEST DRUGS

thanks to PROHIBITION!


Prohibition results in a black market that employs criminals, who put drugs into the hands of our children, creating younger & younger addicts fueling the drug problem!


Put drugs back in the DRUG STORES & out of the hands of CRIMINALS & CHILDREN! T-Shirt available at the link below.



And last but not least, drug prohibition employs criminals who end up turning our young women into prostitutes!  Dont believe me?  Just go to & search for porn, sex, etc.  You will see MANY young women with all sorts of men to include your local drug dealer employed & empowered by prohibition!


Many of these 2 bit thugs would not even have the money for a disposable camera but with drug prohibition at hand, these 2 bit thugs are transformed into rich, violent & powerful gangsters!


They use the lucrative drug profits resulting from prohibition to buy these video cameras!  They often lure the young women into porn with drugs that the women are addicted to!  Drugs are not evil.  They were put here by God but playing God has resulted in drugs becoming powerful with a flourishing black market employing & empowering such criminals!


Prohibition makes drugs worth their weight in GOLD!  And in this country, in our materialistic society, the golden rule applies.  He who has the gold makes all the rules!


Solution: Put drugs back into the drug stores & out of the hands of criminals!




If it was alcohol, then why does alcohol not finance terrorism today?


Answer: Because, alcohol is in the liquor stores where it belongs in a legal & regulated market & not employing CRIMINALS through prohibition!

T-Shirt available at the link below.



So, by electing religious professing career politicians, who support drug prohibition or simply by letting them legislate morality running all over the Constitution, we have unwittingly employed criminals & turned out daughters into prostitutes!


All this has occurred because we played God & violated the Constitution while trying to keep other adult Americans from sinning (by using drugs).


Preventing Adults from Sinning by Legislating Morality - EMPLOYS CRIMINALS!

Those criminals do far worse damage to Society than legal drugs ever could have!



Many of the reasons for prostitution prohibition seem to be to protect women from sexual slavery & society from diseases transmitted sexually.


In reality, prohibition results in an unregulated & uncontrolled black market that allows & encourages the violation of women & even slavery!  You couldnt make a woman work in a legal & regulated establishment because she would tell someone but you can keep her in a prison & bring clients in with illegal establishment run by criminals!


Also a regulated & controlled environment would allow society to prevent sexually transmitted diseases but self employed prostitutes & their pimps (employed & empowered by prohibition) do not care about diseases only the money!


We claim to be a moral country but our service men all around the world are patronizing prostitutes & fueling prostitution & crime!  Ive been there my self & this needs to stop but it will not stop as long as we are policing the world with our National Defense.


Going forth & multiplying

The world is over crowed with limited food & water as well as trash piling up polluting the environment due to population.  Do you really want to bring more children into this world making it more crowded, more limited, & more polluted?


Are you having children for the right reasons or just selfish ones?  For example, there are children needing adoption in our orphanages?


Many of the youth of today end up married with kids before they grow up themselves.  Society pressures people into having kids in order to fit in.  Fit in if you like but realize that when you have children, you put your life on hold if you are going to be a good parent.  How kids can raise kids is beyond me though.  How can you raise a well rounded child when you arent well rounded yourself because you are just a Kid?


Sodomy Laws

Isnt it Evil to violate the rights of others?  I think so & to play God by denying consenting adults the right to have sex (any way that they desire) is wrong.  Furthermore, to outlaw such practices is clearly unconstitutional unless you believe that your body is government property.  And isnt it un-American to & wrong as well to extend the powers of the government ( a necessary evil) to arrest & imprison consenting adult Americans, effectively violating their rights, when they are not violating the rights of anyone?


These laws also discriminate against & violate the rights of the handicapped.  Some handicapped Americans can only have sex, that in some States, is considered sodomy like oral sex.  Sodomy Laws cover more than just anal sex.


Gay-Lesbian Rights

All men are created equal & to deny equal rights to these Americans is wrong, constitutionally & morally as well because once again you are likely playing God.


Voting Republican for Smaller Government

Doesnt happen!  Just look at the past century.  Both parties have flip-flopped back & forth in power & government has only gotten BIGGER on BOTH SIDES!  These two parties are both made up of career politicians who are merely sharing power while keeping the third parties at bay.  United they stand but divided they loose their political careers.


Voting Democratic for Larger government

If you like big-government then vote green party.  Thats even bigger government than the democrats!  I dont think Socialism works myself.  Im for a free market letting the will of the people decide NOT THE GOVERNMENT!


Just look at your local corner store.  It is a direct reflection of the communitys will or the will of the people!  Demand results in Supply.  If there is a Demand for something $$$$ - there will be a Supply!


For example:  Drugs like the hemp plant or marijuana plant has been illegal for decades with billions of tax dollars spent to irradiate a plant that grows naturally all over the planet!   Yet you can walk into your local corner store & see not one but three or four magazines that tell you how to grow it yourself!


You can also find blunt papers where you can roll your own blunt.  Blunts are cigars filled with marijuana!  The free market has trumped the governments will!  The free market rules & there is nothing that laws will do about it when it is something that people want and it doesnt violate anyones rights by doing it!


Some like to say deceptive things to fool the American People like, Oh! So you are for people driving while stoned!


No!  I do not condone driving while intoxicated weather you are impaired from alcohol, drugs, or COUGH MEDECINE!  If you are impaired & driving you are threatening the rights (lives & property) of others & that is wrong!


However, I really dont think that its much different than willfully & knowingly disobeying leash laws!  Weather you get into a vehicle & risk an accident (endangering others) or weather you let you pet loose & cause an accident its about the same.  And people let their animals roam the street all the time endangering society!


And back to the subject, big government.  We need to decrease the size of government, which some say is nearly 1/3 of the population!  I dont know that for a fact but I know that we must reduce government or it will continue to grow & so will our taxes. 


Remember, we have to pay a pension to these employees when they retire.  Some say that government provides jobs.  No, thats socialism or communism.  Government is a necessary evil & we can either limit government or government will limit us!


Government doesnt create jobs any more than Prisons do.  Do you think that hiring Americans, who need employment, to guard & imprison other Americans - is a job worth creating?  Sure we need guards but we have more of our people incarcerated than Russia & China!  More government & more prisons are not the solution for a free people.



Some say that we would turn into a nation of drug addicts if drugs were legalized but we didnt turn into a nation of drunks when Alcohol was legalized & put back in the liquor stores!  The main reason for legalizing drugs & putting the back into the drug stores (regulated, controlled & taxes) is that prohibition does not work & it employs criminals & terrorists.  Not to mention, it criminalized American citizens for not violating the rights of other but simply doing what the king (government) said not to do!


Unfortunately, both major parties support prohibition and are dependent upon it!  For example, many law enforcement careers (federal employees) are dependent upon prohibition because without it they would be out of a job!


For example, the DEA!  Many State law enforcement agencies are addicted to & dependent upon the lucrative drug profits resulting from drug prohibition as well as the feds.


States seize drugs & drug money & turn it in to the federal government.  They in return receive federal funding & resources (a kick-back).  This is actually taxation - extortion at the point of a gun - because much of the property seized & liquidated (split up between law enforcement agencies) comes from citizens!


Before drug prohibition, private property was respected by the law enforcement agencies.  Now it is just waiting to be taken if they can find a reason.  Unlawful stops & searches are conducted in order to find any reason to confiscate private property.  Innocent citizens have had large sums of cash & vehicles seized & liquidated without even a conviction!


One man was on his way to purchase a car!  His cash was seized & it took him time & money to get it back!  By the time he paid a lawyer he used up more money & ended up loosing money for no reason other than that law enforcement can & do profit from this taxation process.


Prohibition motivates Law Enforcement to violate the Constitution (the rights of citizens) for profit!  Even when a law enforcement officer asks you to search your vehicle he is willingly & knowingly violating your 4th Amendment right to unlawful search & seizure!  He or she knows that if you say No to their request for consent to search - that they are going to search anyway because you are acting suspicious!


How exactly not consenting to a search of your private property is probable cause or even suspicious - I dont understand.  This certainly seems to me like a felony violation by law enforcement!


They conspire to violate our Constitutional rights (4th Amendment) by coursing us into consenting to a search or - not to consent - would give them cause to search anyway!  That is Felonious activity!


These officers are felon criminals but in order to belong to & remain in any exclusionary good-old-boy system like government for example, you have to be loyal to your organization (party, click, unit, etc.) in order to keep your job!  This is wrong!  A patriot is loyal to the Constitution not a party or career!


A person in one of these systems who is identified as a loyalist to the law (the Constitution & regulations) is considered by those in power to be a potential whistle blower & a risk (liability not asset!)


For example: Remember the FBI agent who was fired for embarrassing the agency by blowing the whistle on the agency?  She was loyal to the Constitution over the Agency & a true Patriot! - A great American indeed!  The founding fathers would be proud!


However, the Founding Fathers would be horrified to find that our federal government supports Royal Families (Monarchies) & Dictators abroad, as well as punishes patriots called whistle blowers! at home.


The Job of government is to protect Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness!  

Please Note: The terminally ill using chemo-therapy get nausea from the treatment and need cannabis (marijuana) to counter their nausea so that they can keep their food down!


They CAN NOT TAKE and KEEP DOWN any pills like THC Pills for example!  Smoking a joint is the easiest way to administer their medication.  Is smoking bad?  Sure it is but in this case smoking can save their lives!  The alternative is for them to suffer and die due to government tyranny!


Cannabis also stimulates their appetite so that they can eat and fuel their body to fight the disease.


Cannabis also eases the PAIN!


For the government to deny this medicine is TYRANNY and Unconstitutional!  It is a CRIME for the government to violate the Constitution and drug laws do just that.  They deny the very right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the terminally ill.


Read Federalism Revealed: 

The federal government has violated the Constitution by Violating the rights of the terminally ill Americans arrested & imprisoned for medical marijuana - for medicating themselves TO SAVE THEIR OWN LIVES

Restore STATEs Rights!  T-Shirt available at the link below.




10th Amendment

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.


Our Founding Fathers (each from a State) feared creating a central government because many felt that it would become tyrannical & rule the sovereign States.  There were basically two camps The Federalists & the Anti-Federalists.


Thomas Jefferson was an anti-federalist.  Jefferson & others wouldnt agree to the Constitution unless the central government was limited in its powers so it couldnt interfere with the States (States Rights).  The Federalists like Alexander Hamilton, said that the Constitutional Powers of the Central (federal government) was already few & defined.  The Anti-federalists finally agreed to the Constitution after the 10th Amendment & the entire Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution to protect & guaranteed the rights of  The People from Them the Government.


Now some might say that if Im right then why doesnt someone take these violations of the Constitution to court & have the law over turned as unconstitutional?  Well, you could take it to court all the way up to the Supreme Court who interprets the Constitution.


But who is on the Supreme Court?  Republican & Democratic Party loyalists put there as ringers for their parties so that important issues would be controlled by the party with the majority vote on the Supreme Court!  Like for instance when the Republican majority recently stopped the vote count & through the election to Bush!  They dont have the Constitutional authority to stop the vote count!  According to the Constitution, vote count disputes are settled by the Congress (all several hundred members & not just a few justices).


So to take something like this to court wouldnt work.  Not until we vote in a third party & put our Loyalists to the Constitution on the Supreme Court!  We also need to amend the Constitution to get rid of the Electoral College so that we remove the presidential choice from the government officials & determine the president based on the popular vote!


Knowledge is power so dont censor yourself or others from listening to all of the evidence from all sides.  Censoring ones self & others by calling for political correctness while blindly following the government, letting them run amuck, keeps the truth from you as you enjoy your life blissfully without questing authority until one day you wake up to see planes crashing into buildings.


Theres no security in a government prison!  No matter how many rights they take away to make us safe, we will not be safe as long as they are making enemies abroad!



There is hope for America!


If we (Americans) get on the same sheet of paper (the Constitution) and vote for a 3rd party (that has the Constitution as its party platform), then we can one day unseat the enemies of the Constitution & seat a party that will immediately restore the government to a Constitutional government thus restoring States Rights & the Will of People.


A government of the people, by the people & for the people not a government of arrogant, career politicians, who violate the Constriction (Felons) as they make out like fat-cats by not only perks & legalized bribery (contributions), but by voting themselves a pay raise (growing government) while the working class struggles through bad times.


Oh, heres an example of even more arrogant abuse:  Remember when Congress high tailed it home to protect themselves from Anthrax but the postal workers had to stay at work even in a known contaminated building!  Some of them died!


States Rights are the rights of the People and we The People must reclaim our rights from the government by voting in a 3rd Party.  Some think that the government gave us our rights but they are wrong!  Our Founding Fathers kicked their nations government out of American & established their own with a Constitution to spell out how the government would work & to LIMIT the powers of Government!




Our Founding Fathers fought long & hard, suffering much pain & hardship, because they knew that freedom was more important than anything!  They all hung together because that knew that if they lost the battle,  that they would all hang separately.  They won from the King their liberty & secured our liberties with the Bill of Rights.  The Constitution is designed with check & balances & it is time for We the People to put our government back in check by restoring Constitutional federal & State governments!



If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice! Rush.

It is our Duty as American Citizens to speak out & keep our government on the right path.

Photo/T-Shirt available below.



In order to do this, we must vote third party & seat an uncorrupted non-career - political party or individual!  And as far as voting for a third party (or the best candidate):  The only party that has the Constitution as its party platform seems to be the Libertarian Party.  One other party claims to but interprets the Constitution with a religious spin.  The Libertarian Party is also on all 50 State ballots so it has a mathematical chance at winning the popular vote!


Now, - its YOUR turn!  Tell me what you think!  I am open to debate through our political forum.  But I can not argue with un-provable beliefs so I can only debate with you on the issues - if your reasoning is based on Logic, Common Sense, or the Constitution.


No one Religion is any more provable or disprovable than any other.  So, believe what ever you desire but save the Constitution or risk loosing your right to believe what ever you like!


We humans have 99% the same DNA as Chimps & any chimp can jump around screaming loudly (emotionally) - but no chimp can debate logically!  So lets act like humans & not chimps (or even dumber monkeys) by having calm, honest debates without name calling, racism, or religious bigotry.


You can change my mind if you enlighten me with substance but not un-provable beliefs.  Believe what every you like but just dont force your beliefs on others because that would be wrong & un-American!


Email me at:


Enter the Political Forum by Clicking the link below:


This document will be republished now & then with updates & rewrites.

Anyone may republish this document in its entirety!


Send a copy to your friends, family & your elected officials!

Thank you & please read The Lust for Power below for a good understanding of State's Rights vs federal powers.



A necessary "EVIL!"

A Necessary Evil, the System rips through Society - destroying it in many ways.  The System is necessary but when we legislate morality & put our fellow Americans into the System - violating their righs, when they have not violated the rights of others, this hurts society!

This hurts Society by taxing, imprisoning, & criminalizing mostly the poor & the youth!

Taxation at Best - Slavery at Worst! - LIMIT Government "The System" (by not introducing victimless criminals into the system) or Government will limit YOU!


Note: Republishing Allowed! Anyone may republish any of my articles intact & with links. "Send it on down the line - Pass it on!"

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THE LUST FOR POWER: FEARS OF THE ANTI-FEDERALISTS BECOME REALITY By: Bob Baecht Newspapers in New York, Boston, Maryland and other cities and states carried editorials in 1788 expressing deep concern that certain parts of the Constitution would lead to "the consolidation of the States into one national government . . . the states sovereignties would be eventually annihilated, though the forms may long remain as expensive and burdensome rememberences of what they were . . ." So stated the Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, April 22, 1788. The New York Journal on June 13, 1788 editorialized as follows: "The new constitution will prove finally to dissolve all the power of the several state legislatures, and destroy the rights and liberties of the people." The (Boston) Independent Chronicle on Dec. 6, 1787 stated: "Certain characters now on the stage, we have reason to venerate, but though this country is now blessed with a Washington, Franklin, Hancock and Adams, yet posterity may have reason to rue the day when their political welfare depends on the decision of men who may fill the places of these worthies." The Maryland Journal also worried that, "Those who tell you that you may safely accept such a constitution and be perfectly at ease and secure that the rulers will always be so good, so wise, and so virtuous -- such emanations of the deity -- that they will never use their power but for your interest and your happiness, contradict the uniform experience of ages." Their concern was based on certain troublesome clauses in the constitution. Most troublesome was the general welfare clause. They feared, and their fears have been confirmed, that future legislators would construe this as an excuse to pass any law at all that they deemed to be in the general welfare. James Madison, who is credited with being the author of the constitution, did not share this concern, believing that everyone would understand that, "The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the state governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercized principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected. The powers reserved to the several states will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the state." (Federalist #45) One can only wish that this statement had been made an actual part of the Constitution. The New York Daily Patriotic Register expressed its concern as follows, on June 14,1788: "The general government, when completely organized, will . . . (be) arrogating to itself the right of interfering in the most minute objects of internal police, and the most trifling domestic concerns of every state, by possessing a power of passing laws to provide for the general welfare of the United States, which may affect life, liberty and property in every modification they may think expedient, unchecked by cautionary reservations." Unfortunately the good and trusting James Madison, in putting his faith in the integrity and decency of future legislators, judges and presidents has been provned to be wrong and the anti-Federalists showed amazing abilities to predict future federal government usurpation of power from the states and the people. The only way that ratification of the Constitution by the required number of states could be obtained was by promising amendments to the Constitution which would clarify the powers of the federal government and those that were reserved to the states and to the people. Consequently a Bill of Rights was adopted which spelled out certain rights to be reserved to the people. The tenth amendment was specific in guaranteeing this and is quoted as follows: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." For the first hundred years or so, presidents, legislators and judges understood the original intent and, for the most part, abided by it, but the fears of the anti-Federalists were shown to be valid concerns. Starting in the early part of the twentieth century with some of the power-hungry, liberal, do-gooder and socialist policies that have been promoted, liberty was being destroyed and that destruction continues, unabated and accelerated, down to the present time. Sadly, we have come to the point where the Constitution is nothing but a useless scrap of paper and government is being conducted at the whim of those who, in their unbelieveable conceit and arrogance, think they are so supremely intelligent that they can order society in any way they see fit, and while many of us yearn for freedom and liberty, the ideas of the Founders have been so perverted that we no longer have a government of law, but one of autocratic edicts pushed by those who lust for power and believe that they have some kind of divine right to determine, to the smallest detail, how we should all lead our lives. Is this not the essence of slavery and dictatorship? Sadly, much of the blame must be placed upon the American people, who are so desirous of security and cradle-to-the-grave care that they have not taken the time or exerted the effort to understand the implications of the policies enacted by the do-gooders and social planners for whom they vote. They seem to put more importance on their selfish desires to get something for nothing rather than a desire for liberty and freedom. As Benjamin Franklin stated: "They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety." Mail this article to a friend(s) in two clicks! We invite your comments on this article in our forum! Bob Baecht is a freelance political writer and regular contributor to Ether Zone. Bob can be reached at Published in the September 6, 2000 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright 2000 Ether Zone ( Reposting permitted with this message intact.

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