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Medical Marijuana

I cant debate you on religious beliefs but it seems to me that Christians should question how & why the government can deny the terminally ill the right to medicate themselves in order to save their own lives by using Cannabis Marijuana.  Doesnt the Bible say that God gave Man every seed bearing plant to consume?  Didnt God create marijuana?  Maybe God put Cannabis here for the terminally ill to heal themselves?


And Who is Man to question the wisdom of God by trying to irradiate a plant called Hemp or Marijuana?  Constitutionally speaking, for the government to deny the terminally ill their medication is to deny Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness to the terminally ill.  This is tyranny!


Moreover, the global war to irradiate the hemp plant marijuana which grows nearly every where NATURALLY, has resulted in the imprisonment of people for not violating the rights of anyone, has resulted in the poisoning of people, animals, crops, rainforests, & rivers!


Mary Jane for Pain Medical Marijuana

Restore States Rights The will of the People

Vote 3rd Party Libertarian

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Inanimate objects are NOT EVIL


Guns dont kill people people do!


Drugs are not evil but making them illegal (prohibition) is because it employs criminal people who do evil things!


Fog on the interstate, for example, does not kill people but rather - people driving too fast for conditions kill people.  If a lightening bolt, tornado, or meteor falls from the sky & kills someone then I will agree that this was an inanimate object that killed them but - Not because that object is EVIL!


Sex & nudity are not evil either but prohibiting them as a taboo is because it empowers & fuels them!  In Europe, a womans breasts are common place in magazines & on beaches but here in America we are censored & sexually oppressed!  This oppression may just result in more violent sexual actions like rapes as compared to Europe where a guy can just go & get a prostitute for sex.


Of course many rapes are not for sex but domination so if these people were allowed to hire a submissive role-playing prostitute,  maybe they could act out their fantasies like therapy in a controlled environment rather than being oppressed, mad & violent with rape on their minds!


The Second Amendment & Gun Control

The Constitution & our Liberties were won with guns!  The government didnt give us our rights but our Found Fathers kicked out the tyrannical government & established their own & a Constitution to govern the government in order to protect our liberties (from government) for generations to come.


Gun control doesnt work because criminals dont obey gun laws!

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And one more thing, the Constitution says that we must be able to form a well regulated militia but some States have out-lawed some guns & ammo.

This is clearly unconstitutional and since the Constitution says that the right to bear arms Shall not be infringed!  To deny either is a violation since one can not obey the law & form a well regulated militia without guns & ammo both!


One Half of our People do not VOTE!

Speak out by voting 3rd Party & sending a message to Washington rather than not voting at all.  Isnt it far better to use your vote IN PROTEST than not at all?



We should not have to fear the government!

Vote!  Third Party = CHANGE!

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So, making ones decisions based on what Society thinks is the right thing to do is not thinking for ones self and is likely wrong!  After all, Society is wrong about a Great Many Things so decide for yourself!


In summery:

We, the American People & the generations before us, have elected good Religious Men who look nice & talk nice but in reality are nothing more than used car salesman-like, bible carrying & religion professing con-artist lawyers who willfully & knowingly violate the Constitution for their party & own personal gain!  These career politicians or federalists are loyalists to their parties above the Constitution.  You must be loyal to the party over the Constitution because not to would make you a potential whistle blower in the eyes of the good-old-boy system!



#1. Government is a necessary evil Thomas Jefferson. (Therefore it would be wrong to blindly trust EVIL to do the right thing.

#2. Power Corrupts!

(Therefore the men we put into power must be watched to keep them in check.)

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The States & the federal government officials both look the other way as the other violates the Constitution!  The feds violate States Rights (medical marijuana for example) & the States violate individual rights with blue laws for example.  These laws are clearly a mixture of Church & State as they attempt to govern the private actions of consenting adults!  Blue laws like for example, you cant buy beer on Sunday in Georgia! 


There is supposed to be checks & balances but there is none when the Constitution is disobeyed by the government!  The government now thinks that we are its property & it must protect us from our selves in order to save it money!  The American Revolution was fought over property rights & individual rights.  Those rights are spelled out in the Bill of Rights (the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution).  Read it for yourself.  You dont have to be a lawyer!  The Founding Fathers wrote it in English for all to understand & the government to follow literally to the letter!


We have allowed the government (career politicians) to do as it wishes at home & abroad.  This has resulted in the government going abroad to protect the oil that feeds & fuels our prosperous economy, likely realizing that their political careers depend upon it!  If the economy is not prosperous the People start asking questions & wanting to end political careers!


So the politicians misused our National Defense as an offense to police the world, making enemies abroad by invading Muslim nations (forbidden by their religion) & leaving the United States Homeland vulnerable to attack.  The Homeland defense that we now have is only necessary because of the misuse of our National Defense.  The Founding Fathers gave us a National Defense but not an offense to police the world.


Now some say to me, Things arent perfect but I like my life the way it is!  I dont want to change the government!  So I try to explain to them that I can not be quiet because it is my sworn duty to uphold, protect & defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign & domestic & to do what is right for American.  Not whats right for me!


Anyway, weve hired career politician lawyers to run the country.  They sell us out to the highest bidder & if we dont elect a third party or individual, we may just doomed to live in a government prison.  Have you ever seen a safe prison - where crimes arent committed?


You see, when we look the other way & let government run amuck at will.  We are trading or LIBERTY for SECURITY!.  Our liberties are protected by the Constitution.  The Constitution limits the government & ties its hands.  So naturally, career politicians want more power & their freedom to reign & they destroy the Constitution in the name of freedom.  Someone once said that if tyranny ever comes to American it well be under the guise of a foreign threat!


Ben Franklin said that any people who trade their LIBERTY for SECURITY DESERVE NEITER!


When we allow our politicians to do as they wish as long as our lives are good & prosperous, we allow our politicians to send out bad things & bad things will come back to us!  Our prosperity can end tomorrow & the next evolution of this terrorism that weve been fighting for a decade or two is WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION ON US SOIL!


Furthermore, the security that they promise is not security at all - but control.  There is no security in a giant federal prison & we now  (in the land of the free) have more of our people incarcerated than Russia & China!


These issues wouldnt be a problem if the government would simply obey the Constitution.  The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land!  The 10th Amendment clearly states (paraphrase) that the federal government is limited to those powers granted by the Constitution & all else is left to the States (the People) but the States can not violate the Constitution either!  This includes the Bill of Rights.  So the rights of an individual are protected from the tyranny of the majority (majority rule).


10th Amendment

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.


Our Founding Fathers (each from a State) feared creating a central government because many felt that it would become tyrannical & rule the sovereign States.  There were basically two camps The Federalists & the Anti-Federalists.


Thomas Jefferson was an anti-federalist.  Jefferson & others wouldnt agree to the Constitution unless the central government was limited in its powers so it couldnt interfere with the States (States Rights).  The Federalists like Alexander Hamilton, said that the Constitutional Powers of the Central (federal government) was already few & defined.  The Anti-federalists finally agreed to the Constitution after the 10th Amendment & the entire Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution to protect & guaranteed the rights of  The People from Them the Government.


Now some might say that if Im right then why doesnt someone take these violations of the Constitution to court & have the law over turned as unconstitutional?  Well, you could take it to court all the way up to the Supreme Court who interprets the Constitution.


But who is on the Supreme Court?  Republican & Democratic Party loyalists put there as ringers for their parties so that important issues would be controlled by the party with the majority vote on the Supreme Court!  Like for instance when the Republican majority recently stopped the vote count & through the election to Bush!  They dont have the Constitutional authority to stop the vote count!  According to the Constitution, vote count disputes are settled by the Congress (all several hundred members & not just a few justices).


So to take something like this to court wouldnt work.  Not until we vote in a third party & put our Loyalists to the Constitution on the Supreme Court!  We also need to amend the Constitution to get rid of the Electoral College so that we remove the presidential choice from the government officials & determine the president based on the popular vote!


Knowledge is power so dont censor yourself or others from listening to all of the evidence from all sides.  Censoring ones self & others by calling for political correctness while blindly following the government, letting them run amuck, keeps the truth from you as you enjoy your life blissfully without questing authority until one day you wake up to see planes crashing into buildings.


Theres no security in a government prison!  No matter how many rights they take away to make us safe, we will not be safe as long as they are making enemies abroad!



There is hope for America!


If we (Americans) get on the same sheet of paper (the Constitution) and vote for a 3rd party (that has the Constitution as its party platform), then we can one day unseat the enemies of the Constitution & seat a party that will immediately restore the government to a Constitutional government thus restoring States Rights & the Will of People.


A government of the people, by the people & for the people not a government of arrogant, career politicians, who violate the Constriction (Felons) as they make out like fat-cats by not only perks & legalized bribery (contributions), but by voting themselves a pay raise (growing government) while the working class struggles through bad times.


Oh, heres an example of even more arrogant abuse:  Remember when Congress high tailed it home to protect themselves from Anthrax but the postal workers had to stay at work even in a known contaminated building!  Some of them died!


States Rights are the rights of the People and we The People must reclaim our rights from the government by voting in a 3rd Party.  Some think that the government gave us our rights but they are wrong!  Our Founding Fathers kicked their nations government out of American & established their own with a Constitution to spell out how the government would work & to LIMIT the powers of Government!




Our Founding Fathers fought long & hard, suffering much pain & hardship, because they knew that freedom was more important than anything!  They all hung together because that knew that if they lost the battle,  that they would all hang separately.  They won from the King their liberty & secured our liberties with the Bill of Rights.  The Constitution is designed with check & balances & it is time for We the People to put our government back in check by restoring Constitutional federal & State governments!



If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice! Rush.

It is our Duty as American Citizens to speak out & keep our government on the right path.

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In order to do this, we must vote third party & seat an uncorrupted non-career - political party or individual!  And as far as voting for a third party (or the best candidate):  The only party that has the Constitution as its party platform seems to be the Libertarian Party.  One other party claims to but interprets the Constitution with a religious spin.  The Libertarian Party is also on all 50 State ballots so it has a mathematical chance at winning the popular vote!


Now, - its YOUR turn!  Tell me what you think!  I am open to debate through this web site or the publisher Vincent B. Thomas.  But I can not argue with un-provable beliefs so I can only debate with you on the issues - if your reasoning is based on Logic, Common Sense, or the Constitution.


No one Religion is any more provable or disprovable than any other.  So, believe what ever you desire but save the Constitution or risk loosing your right to believe what ever you like!


We humans have 99% the same DNA as Chimps & any chimp can jump around screaming loudly (emotionally) - but no chimp can debate logically!  So lets act like humans & not chimps (or even dumber monkeys) by having calm, honest debates without name calling, racism, or religious bigotry.


You can change my mind if you enlighten me with substance but not un-provable beliefs.  Believe what every you like but just dont force your beliefs on others because that would be wrong & un-American!


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