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The Pledge of Allegiance & God!

FYI - The word GOD was not originally in the Pledge of Allegiance!  The word GOD was inserted in the pledge during the communist red scare.


To insert God into the Pledge of Allegiance violates the rights of those Americans who do not believe in God as well as those Americans who believe in more than one God.


We are a Republic in which the majority does not rule like it does in a Democracy.  In this Republic, the rights of the minority (even one person) are protected from the tyranny of the majority.  See the Bill of Rights.  So it is unconstitutional, unfair, unjust & just plain un-American, to mix church & state!


Yes our Founding Fathers were mostly Christians but they knew first hand that government is a necessary evil & when this evil is mixed with Church you get Corruption all the way around!


If you love your religion, keep in out of the hands of government & its actions visible not secret.  Just look at the Catholic Church in which the good-old-boy system allowed systematic sexual abuse of children.  Corruption flourishes in secrecy & that is also why our governments actions must be visible & not secret.  Democracy dies behind closed doors.  It needs the light of day to survive & flourish.


Federalist Imperialism & the Federal Income Tax



The death of States Rights is in the near future if not already upon us.  Federal Income Taxes fund the Federalist War Machine as it polices the world by bombing opponents into submission.


The necessary evil of the federal government is unchecked evil free to do as it wishes without limits or Checks & Balances as the Founding Fathers intended & spelled out in the Constitution.


The Founding Fathers limited the powers of the federal government to those powers specifically granted & spelled out in the Constitution (see tenth amendment).  The powers of the federal government are few & defined & all else is left to the States (States Rights).  The federal or central government is supposed to protect the states from attack & deliver the mail, and a few other powers, but the Police Powers remained with the States so that the People could police themselves & not be ruled by a king-like central government! The Founding Fathers feared a powerful central government that would rule the States!


The federal government has unconstitutionally expanded its powers in many ways including assuming federal Police Powers!  Without a limited federal government the United States does not exist because the States (the People) are supposed to govern themselves with a limited federal government that stays out of States Rights.  Now we have the United Federal Prison States of America with more of its people incarcerated than any other civilized nation mostly because we have no States Rights - only a federal dictatorship.


As a veteran & loyalist to the Constitution, I find this terrifying!  I fear trouble from my government for exercising my first amendment right and thats exactly why I do speak out!  You see, the only way that I know to strengthen the Constitution is to exercise the first amendment & to hopefully inform the public by passing on the information that I have learned & presently understand to be wrong with our great nation today as well as some possible solutions!


Also, Federalism (big government) threatens our nation because many in Society realize the tyrannical actions of our federal government & these unconstitutional violations motivate men to violence in the form of domestic terrorism.  Example Timothy McVeigh.


And one more thing about the federalism the federal income tax goes against the founding principles of this nation to allow the central government to tax the People directly Like a KING with his armed TAX COLLECTORS!


Did You Know that for the first one hundred years of our Nations existence (about half), THERE WAS NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX?  The Military & a few other Constitutional functions of government were financed by Tariff & Excise Taxes!




Declining Society due to Sinning!

If society has declined by becoming more violent & sexual it is likely because legislating morality through government laws like prohibition employs often violent criminals, making drugs & prostitution lucrative & introduce violence into society.  Legislating morality also criminalizes the youth & the poor!


If you ask me, the less prejudice young people of today are better and more moral than their fathers & mothers who often are racists bigots that use the N-word like its nothing!  Discriminating against other Americans is UNAMERICAN! 


The American Dream (If you are honest & work hard you will prosper. And Crime does NOT Pay!).  It isnt weather you win or loose but how you play the game!


Unfortunately, it is those who Lie, Cheat & Steal winning at all costs who actually prosper as witnessed by the corrupt politicians and CEOs who obey the Golden Rule.

(Golden Rule He who has the gold makes all the rules!)


70% of crimes go unsolved so 7 out of 10 criminals go unpunished!  Crime does pay 70% of the time & many things like legislating morality make it more lucrative and so it then pays even better!


See drug prohibition to see how prohibition employs criminals & makes drugs, prostitution & other victimless crimes lucrative actually empowering & fueling the problem in question.


Note: Just because crime pays 7 out of 10 times does not mean that the individual can do wrong & get away with it.  Actually, the individuals & small criminals often get caught while the more violent & experienced organized criminals corner the market (thanks to prohibition) & rake in the lucrative profits by becoming more sophisticated & violent!  All the while the youth & the poor fill our courts, jails, & prisons.  When the big fish get caught they use their money to buy their freedom by hiring a good attorney!


Prejudice People are funny monkeys!  They act on emotion not logic, reasoning & common sense.


For example, after leaving the Military I grew my hair long for the first time.  My fellow Americans treated me less than equal & discriminated against me because of the length of my hair.  The seemed to think that it is the American thing to do to pressure others into conformity in order to stomp out individualism.  Thats not American at all!


If the length of my hair or the way I dress bothers you, since Im not doing anything to violate your rights the problem must be in your mind & therefore is not my problem but yours!


My fellow Americans: You must respect my right to express myself because not to would be un-American!  Unless of course you are simply an enemy of the Constitution & communist at heart!  Wearing ones hair long is self expression & to try to stomp it out is closer to Communism than any thing else.


So act on logic, reasoning & common sense rather than emotion & act like a Human not a Monkey!  When people dont listen to reasoning because they have discredited the messenger or the source, they are acting on emotion & they are censoring themselves from the information necessary to determining the truth for themselves!  Only the fully informed can make informed decisions.



When people hear Libertarian they often think potheads that want to legalize.  We have been conditioned to believe this by the other two parties so that we will censor ourselves from the truth!


If you believe in the Constitution & our Republic - then find out why the libertarians want legalization rather than shooting the messenger & censoring ones self.  The Libertarians are the Anti-Federalists (States Rights) of today!


By the way, I am not loyal to any party - but the Libertarian Party is the only party with the Constitution as its party platform.  There is another third party that exposes the Constitution but they seem to think that God wrote the Constitution!  Their interpretations of the Constitution (although it is in English & meant to be taken literally) seem to be religious in nature & therefore not fair to all those of other beliefs.


When Election Day comes around, I do my duty & vote for the best candidate.  Not who I hope to win the horse race - but he or she who has the closest platform to the Constitution & has the best solutions to our problems.  Ill vote for them even if they cant possibly win!  Thats because it is our duty as Americans to vote for the best candidate - not to treat the election like a horse-race!



This is a problem that must be addressed!  This problem is a bur in our nations saddle that has turned into an infection (domestic terrorism) & threatens the entire nation so it must be addressed & resolved or it will only grow worse & breed more domestic terrorism.  Terrorism will likely evolve & become more devastating if not addressed.  Injustice motivates men to violence!


Flag Burning Legislation

The flag represents the principles of which our great nation is founded upon - to include the First Amendment of the Constitution!  The First Amendment guarantees WE the people, the right to freely express ourselves!  When someone burns a flag a message is sent & emotions are provoked!  So to burn the flag is to exercise free speech & to strengthen the First Amendment & the Constitution!


Outlawing Americans from burning the Flag, however, is Rapping ones self in the flag while burning the Constitution!  The Constitution can not be damaged by burning the flag but anti-flag burning legislation does damage the Constitution by striking down & making illegal this form of protected free speech & self expression!


So, if you still want flag burning legislation then you must ask yourself which one you are loyal to.  Are you loyal to the Flag or the Constitution?  If you had to burn one or the other, which one would you burn?  You cant say neither because to support flag burning legislation to protect the flag is to burn the Constitution!


The Two-Party System

Shouldnt we at least have multiple choice when electing a president?

The 2 Party System is corrupt & broken beyond repair.


Photo/T-Shirt available at link below.



The 2 party system is corrupt beyond repair but a third party could threaten the other 2 parties & make them work together for the good of the Nation!


The United States is NOT a Democracy!

Rather, we are a Republic in which the rights of the minority are protected from the tyranny of the majority!  We practice Democracy when we vote & the majority elects the President.  We are not practicing Democracy however, when a major party seats its ringers on the Supreme Court in order to through the election to their partys candidate by stopping or interfering in the vote count without any Constitutional Authority & in direct violation of the Constitution!


What it really means to be a Patriotic American

My fellow Americans A Patriot is Loyal to the Constitution!  Not a Party or Career!  So what it really means to be a Patriotic American is to be loyal to the Constitution (which protects our rights from the tyranny of the government).


Being a loyalist to government (a necessary but unlimited evil not obeying the Constitution) is to be un-American when the government is in violation of the Constitution!


Back in the days of our Founding Fathers loyalists to the government like you would have been labeled a Loyalist to the King & not a Patriot!  So the next time that you censor another fellow American for dissenting & exercising his or her first amendment right to free speech, realize that YOU (not they) are un-American, unpatriotic & possibly an Enemy of FREEDOM!


A Patriot is Loyal to the Constitution!



A Patriot is the one who stands up for the Constitution & NOT the one who is Loyal to big-government & their own personal gain (prosperity!)


Death Penalty

Over 100 innocent people have been released after decades on death row!


Many of these had been to trial (appeals) 3 times & were convicted by EYE WHITNESSES!  Eye witnesses who put an innocent man behind bars & let a guilty man go free to rape & murder again another day.  And we will never know who the guilty party is nor will the criminal ever pay for the crime!  More over, nor will the victim or their family ever feel any justice.  After decades of feeling justified the rug is pulled out from under them!   And just imagine how many innocent people have likely been put to death in the past!


As for the religious people (Christians) who claim to be both pro-life & pro-death penalty (a serious contradiction indeed): Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord!


If you believe this - then you are playing God!  Arent you?  What does playing God get you?  Innocent people behind bars, guilty ones going free to victimize again, & victims & their families with no justice.



Whos property is it?  Is your body the property of the government?


We can either:

  1. Keep Abortion legal & safe in a controlled medical environment or
  2. We can make it illegal, employing criminals who will conduct horrific coat-hanger abortions in unsanitary & filthy environments.  Women (our mothers & daughters) will suffer if prohibited.  And to deny women the right to choose would clearly be a violation of the Constitution because either our bodies are our property or the property of the government.


If people sin by having abortions that is between them & GOD!  Not the government or me & you!  I do not however believe that abortion should be used as birth control because getting pregnant can be prevented!  Making abortion illegal will not prevent abortion but sex education can empower young women to prevent pregnancy.


Play God with this issue & youll will be taking away the rights of your mothers & daughters to decide for themselves & putting their lives in danger as well.  That matter (abortion) is between them & God thats not YOU!  Their body is their property & not the governments or yours.


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